Project Vixed – Virtual Reality Composites Trainer

Project Vixed – Virtual Reality Composites Trainer

Project Vixed is carried out by 6 Aeronautical Engineering students to reinvent manual composites training by means of Virtual Reality. The aim is to mitigate time and money that is spent by companies or educational institutes on training of their personnel in manufacturing composites.


Reducing costs within a company usually refers to optimizing the production line and corresponding tasks, nevertheless, these optimizations require costly specialists and/or automation. For which in both cases adequate training is inevitable. Precisely this training, is where the latest technologies can be implemented to reduce the coherent costs and to allow first time right production.

In need of skilled employees/colleagues but barely investment capabilities at hand?
No time to wait for professional training to be finished?
Interested in joining the forefront of the composites industry?


These challenges are what makes the artificial training such a viable alternative for conventional methods!

Let’s make the composites industry more sustainable while cutting costs!

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