Smart Silicon Vacuum Bag

Smart Silicon Vacuum Bag

The First-Time-Right project is almost coming to an end and all the components of the final demonstrator are being integrated. One of these components is the Smart Silicone Vacuum Bag. The silicone vacuum bag is a product produced by CT Platon in Werkendam in The Netherlands. The bag can be used during at least 400 infusions before the material starts to deteriorate. Using the silicone vacuum bag it is possible to infuse polyester and as soon it is reaches the gelling state the silicon vacuum bag should be removed. When not removed on time, the released styrene may affect the silicone material which can reduce the amount of cycles.

The thickness of the silicone vacuum bag is 3mm and the bag is reinforced with “perforated tissue” in the middle. This prevents the thin bag from being ripped apart when moved. In addition the bag contain runners, inlets, outlets and a “vacuum edge” which is used to seal of the bag. This vacuum edge is mimicking the tacky tape function. The bag can be equipped with rings so the bag can be hoisted around the factory when it is not in use.

The silicon vacuum bag is especially convenient for the Hydra1 SmartMould because:

  • The thin layer of silicon (3mm) is see through so infusion can be monitored with the SmartMould control system.
  • The properties of the silicon and the reinforcement makes the bag well suited for automation in small series production (~400 products).
  • Reducing waste by using one silicon vacuum bag instead of ~400 times disposables.
  • Decrease production time due to easy application on the mould.

The silicone vacuum bag specially produced for the SmartMould will be shown at the JEC2019 at the Holland Pavilion. Come and visit us there for more information regarding the SmartMould with the Smart Silicone Vacuum Bag.