Smart Monitoring using Augmented Reality

Smart Monitoring using Augmented Reality

Simulation driven infusion prediction system using augmented reality.


The Smart Monitoring research (“Compo ARt”) is carried out by Jonas S.I. Rieder, combining the newest visualisation innovations with up-to-date composites manufacturing.

The aim of “Compo ARt” is overlaying a predicted resin flow on top of the mould, enabling a sneak-peak in the future of the process. Knowing the results of the simulated prediction it is possible to take counter-measures for defect prevention.
Augmented reality (AR) and its parent topic virtual reality are technologies not in use for composites manufacturing as of yet. However, the potential benefit cannot be neglected. Counteracting a possible defect before it even happended? Training a young composites specialist without waste material? Receiving a step-by-step guidance from anywhere in the world direclty in your field of view

The possibilities are tremendous but yet untouched.

Starting in early 2018, this is going to change, the consortium of RAAK-MBK initiated the research by dedicating a full-time research regarding smart monitoring, located at Inholland Composites in Delft, the Netherlands.

The objective: Combining high-end devices with Industrial software!

The idea: Processing the simulated resin flow prediction delivered by Polyworx, regulary update the overlay with up-to-date information received via a smart mould. To gain access to the possibilities, DutchVR was asked to join the First-Time-Right consortium. DutchVR is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality studio. For this development applied research will be performed to find new innovative ways of achieving optimised process control for composites production using vacuum infusion.

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