Prototype presentation and company visit Nedcam

Prototype presentation and company visit Nedcam

On Tuesday the 8th of may 2018 Jan Volker (Director of Nedcam) and Denzel Vonk (Intern of Inholland Composites) organized a short meeting about the progress of Denzels research regarding the possibility of 3D printing for moulds.

Denzel started his research based on a request from Nedcam who currently use a CNC controlled mill to create moulds from a CAD drawing and achieve up to 26 meters in mould size. Nedcam is always looking for innovative ways to optimize their production and asked Denzel to consider alternate ways for producing plugs. Denzel managed to make a design of an extruder that would fit on the CNC at Nedcam. He also investigated impact on cost, heat transportation and the different materials that could be used.

To validate his ideas, Denzel invited the members from the First Time Right consortium for a presentation. An informal meeting was organized at Nedcam and resulted in vivid discussions between the consortium partners.

Arjen and Jan Koorevaar from Polyworx also provided a presentation about its test setup from their simulation software combined with measurement equipment from Twenco. They developed a setup where a vacuum infusion process can be tracked with 4 sensors. This is an improved and more accurate setup compared to the proof of concept, currently under validation at Inholland Composites in Delft.

We would like to thank all the partners for their feedback and thank Nedcam for the hospitality.