Company visit: Adel Polyester

Company visit: Adel Polyester

On the 22nd of March in the context of the context of the First-Time-Right consortium, Inholland Composites visited Adel polyester in Genemuiden. The goal of the visit was to investigate the common interest between both parties about composites production development using the vacuum infusion process and receive feedback on the current research topics.

On arrival we were welcomed with great hospitality by Arvid de Lange and Anne-Dirk Vinke. Over a cup of coffee we discussed various research assignments that are currently being executed by researchers within Inholland Composites. And also how this research can assist the composites industry in developing and growing its businesses. During the discussion we gained some very useful insights in Adel’s production processes and future innovative plans. This discussion concluded that there are common interests between Inholland Composites and Adel that are out of scope of the current research activities but offer great opportunities for future research.

After the meeting we got a guided tour through Adel’s manufacturing facility were we got a closer look at the current manufacturing processes, and observed different techniques in the production processes that relate to specific research assignments currently executed by Inholland composites. During the tour we observed how different moulds are manufactured and how moulds are prepared before vacuum infusion and how conventional hand lay up was performed. Arvid and Anne-Dirk also showed us some innovative techniques used by Adel to demould large upperdeck products after vacuum infusion.

On the end of the tour we got to see the post processing facility and observed different post processing Steps to obtain the final product finish. After the tour we sat down again and discussed further ideas of both Inholland Composites and Adel on how to further develop the current production processes and how we can combine and resources to cooperate together on this development.

Overall, The visit was significantly educative on the topic of vacuum infusion and the future development opportunities. For more information on Adel Polyester, visit this page.