Vixed showing MVP at JEC2019

Vixed showing MVP at JEC2019

During the JEC 2019 between 12 and 14 March, various SME’s from the Netherlands showcased their developments at the Holland Pavilion. Strolling around the exhibition of Inholland Composites, a mysterious orange colored head wearing a Virtual Reality headset stood out noticeably. While the visitors and exhibitors where passing by, they could only ask themselves: what is this head was witnessing?

Vixed showing their MVP

The future of the composites industry, the promising new way of providing composites manufacturing training using Virtual Reality! This was the showcase of a VR Vacuum infusion trainer, developed by team behind Vixed. With a innovative, unique approach to the first-time-right project, the VR applications offers the ideal preparation and will make training, ahead of production, more efficient. The virtual exercising allows to train faster, cheaper; without waste material while entertaining the user, keeping the attention level at its peak.

visitor playing with Vixed VR Infusion Trainer Minimum Viable Product

Throughout the three days of the JEC, the team of Vixed was able to connect to a multitude of companies, institutes and research centers on national and international level alike. The strong new network and interest gained encourages all the parties involved to bundle their focusses in developing more and extending their palette of products, continuing to shape the future of composite trainings alongside team behind Vixed!

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