Status meeting on model-based process monitoring with Twenco and Polyworx

Status meeting on model-based process monitoring with Twenco and Polyworx

On February 22 a worksession was organized at Twenco in Vriezenveen to discuss the status of WP2 and WP3 with Twenco and Polyworx. Both companies joined the First Time Right consortium from the start to aim for more exposure on their proof of concept which will allow for part of the automation of the vacuum infusion process.

The proof of concept will require researchers to validate the model-based process monitoring and several Aeronautical Engineering students from Inholland University of Applied Sciences were asked to investigate certain parts. For this a demonstration setup is developed which is currently installed at Inholland Composites (Delft) and consists of a combination of Polyworx software (flow analysis) and Twenco hardware+software (sensors). Monitoring is a prerequisite for process control, either automated or through Augmented Reality (e.g. involving a human operator in the control part).

The main focus of the meeting was the evaluation of the achieved work so far and introduce new researchers Yamen, Marco and Jonas. Mainly Yamen will work continue to work with Twenco and Polyworx and follow up on the research as performed by Hadiza. The meeting provided new expectations for the upcoming months which are essential to the development of the Smart Mould and the Smart Monitoring demonstrators.

Click here to learn more about the work from Hadiza who focused on the calibration process of the permeability of the fibers.

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