TU Delft – Structural Integrity & Composites (SI&C) research group

Structural Integrity & Composites (SI&C) research group. The SI&C group closes the loop from design to realisation by focusing on research related to the manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing aerospace structures. Aerospace structures will degrade over time and eventually fail as a result of regular use (fatigue), corrosion, wear, ageing, and accidental damage over their lifetime. Furthermore, these processes are intimately linked to the starting conditions of the structure (ie: manufacturing) and variations in individual aircraft usage. This defines the three research pillars of the group: Fatigue, Damage Tolerance, and Durability; Manufacturing; and Non-destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring. The mandate of the research group is to increase our knowledge within and bridging between these three pillars for metal, composite, and hybrid aerospace structures. Doing so will equip the next generation of structural designers with the knowledge and knowhow to safely optimise aerospace structures to their limit. Please take the time to explore the people and research activities within our research group.

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