Polyworx develops and licenses the RTM-Worx flow simulation software for Resin Transfer Moulding and Vacuum Infusion. We also implement Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology for our customers, including on-site training. Our RTM-Worx software makes it possible to do the experiments on the PC instead of in the mould and continues to be very accurate. Several projects are documented on this site for interested composite related manufacturers and universities.

The main activities of Polyworx are:

  • Development, licensing and support of software tools for the plastics processing industry.
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology about optimisation of injection processes in general and specifically the Controlled Vacuum Infusion process.

Our most important software product is RTM-Worx, for the simulation of the Resin Transfer Moulding and Controlled Vacuum Infusion processes. The implementation of the Controlled Vacuum Infusion process currently is our most important service.


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