Composites Technology Platon

In June 2006 was moved to our current location in Werkendam, where we have office with side rooms approx 300 m2, a warehouse of approx 400m2 with floor heating and 5 ton overhead crane, a warehouse of approximately 900 m2, heated, and a 20 ton overhead crane and a paved open outdoor terrain of 1800 m2 for outdoor storage and / or future development.

Werkendam is centralized in our holding company and subsidiaries CT Platon B.V., CT Platon GmbH and our divisite B&N Watersports.
CT Platon BV and GmbH were taken over in 2001 by a British listed fund our current holding company with the aim of extending existing activities without loss of personnel, when mainly active as a supplier to the polyester industry. Over the last years, our bond with the industry continue to strengthen through the extension and expansion of our delivery and service. In addition there is a continuous development of new and / or additional products in our range.
In summary, CT Platon BV and CT Platon GmbH is next in the Netherlands for the different foreign markets developed to a level of reliable partner for the polyester processing industry mainly in Benelux, Germany and some new Member States in the EEC. Reliable when it comes to production equipment, the aftercare and service of this equipment and processes, in which the equipment is used. Since 1971, an extensive knowledge developed with and about MVP (Magnum Venus Plastech) systems and equipment, Irac regenereerapparatuur rinse and cleaning and washing stations, measuring and regulating equipment – including electronic controls and registration (Intulogic). This addition to maintaining close contacts with almost all suppliers to the polyester processing industry for raw materials, accessories and systems.

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