CompositesNL represents the interests of all organisations in the Netherlands that are involved in the development, manufacture, maintenance, and reuse of products in which composite technology has played a part. CompositesNL does this by promoting the use of composite products, by expanding their applications and improving their acceptance. Composite products have value to offer society, for the corporate sector, government authorities and consumers alike.
New materials play an important role in the transition from the manufacturing industry. Sustainability is an essential precondition for this. Composite technology offers great opportunities for this because composites have advantages that other materials like metal and stone do not have. These advantages are related to weight, strength and durability. The application of new material technology like composites demands a new integrated approach that combines design, production and material selection. New expertise is also required for legislation and certification purposes. The members of CompositesNL have set themselves the goal of developing the social benefits of and new preconditions for the application of composites, and introducing them to the market and society as a whole.
All CompositesNL activities are undertaken to serve the members. The central theme is knowledge, i.e. the gathering, dissemination and development of knowledge and expertise. Knowledge gathering primarily concerns regulatory and market developments; knowledge dissemination is about the social and commercial benefits of composite technology; knowledge development is done interactively by the members. The working groups play a major part in this. In addition, CompositesNL represents the shared interests of the members by participating in discussions on innovation policy (regional, domestic and international) and by attending trade fairs, seminars and other gatherings. Members are informed about these aspects at regular intervals.

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