Rogier Nijssen and Moaaz Gendy co-present Dutch Composites ecosystem at JEC2019

Rogier Nijssen and Moaaz Gendy co-present Dutch Composites ecosystem at JEC2019

On Wednesdaymorning March 13, Jason Palmer, journalist with The Economist, presented the Dutchcomposites ecosystem during the ‘Country on Stage’ event.

Student Moaaz Gendy and Professor of Applied Sciences Rogier Nijssen

In this event, several representatives of the Dutch composites industry and knowledge institutes gave their views on current and future developments in fibre reinforced plastics. Inholland Composites was represented by Rogier Nijssen and Moaaz Gendy in the ‘Knowledge – research collaboratives’-interview session, where also NLR, Brightland Materials, TPRC, and SAM/XL participated.

Aeronautical Engineering Graduate Moaaz Gendy on stage at JEC2019

According to Moaaz, the future of Dutch composites research lies in the joining of forces of these and other knowledge partners. Rogier added that the composites industry association CompositesNL has made a good step towards such a collaborative through publishing the Dutch Composites Agenda during the “Country on Stage” presentation during the JEC World 2019.

Maarten Camps, Director-General of Dutch Economic Affairs and Marc Hendrikse, chairman topsector HTSM, visit Inholland Composites at the Holland Pavilion during the JEC World 2019 in Paris.

This presentation was a unique opportunity to place the specific qualities, knowledge and skills in the area of composites in the Netherlands in the spotlight. Moaaz and Rogier were part of a special 1.5-hour programme in close cooperation between the private sector, the public sector, research institutions, and the top sectors HTSM and Chemistry. For the first time, the innovation activities in the Netherlands have been combined in a single agenda at a national level, creating more unity and improved mutual alignment, putting the Dutch composites sector internationally in a stronger position. At the end of this programme, Maarten Camps, Director-General of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and Marc Hendrikse, standard bearer of the top sector HTSM, received the National Composites Collaboration Agenda.

Tijdens de vakbeurs in Parijs, met van links naar rechts Marcus Kremers, cto van Airborne en voorzitter CompositesNL, Eric Pierrejean, topman van beursorganisator JEC, Marc Hendrikse, voorzitter topsector HTSM en Maarten Camps, secretaris-generaal Economische Zaken.
Marcus Kremers, CTO Airborne and Chairman CompositesNL, Eric Pierrejean, JEC executive, Marc Hendrikse, chairman topsector HTSM and Maarten Camps, Director-General of Dutch Economic Affairs. (Photo: JECGroup-Dherines)

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