DutchVR and Vixed will showcase VR applications at the JECWorld 2019 in Paris

DutchVR and Vixed will showcase VR applications at the JECWorld 2019 in Paris

The First-Time-Right consortium includes partnership with DutchVR and Vixed, which are both active in the hightech domain and composites related industries. These Virtual Reality related companies will be showcasing their recent developments for this consortium at the Inholland Composites booth at the JEC World 2019.

JEC World is the biggest composites exhibition world wide and will take place from March 12 to 14 in Paris where this year Inholland Composites joins the Holland Pavilion in Hall5, booth E80. On this stand two Oculus VR glasses will each present a different concept which will address solutions to achieve First-Time-Right production of fibre reinforced composites using the vacuum infusion process.

Duncan Smit from DutchVR experimenting with Inhollands AR app

DutchVR is a start-up within the virtual reality environment. They focus on content, virtual user interfaces and consultancy. With DutchVR supporting this First-Time-Right consortium, many technology- and expertise capabilities were added resulting in support for an Augmented Reality application using the Hololens and a proof-of-concept  using an Oculus Go for customisation of an existing design as preparation for First-Time-Right production. Both concepts will be showcased at the JEC.

Vixed is a start-up who recently released their proof-of-concept as a result of a project at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences. As part of a research project for Aeronautical Engineering and Inholland Composites, Vixed developed a much faster solution for training composites production engineers who use the vacuum infusion process.

Vixed presenting VR proof of concept at NLR DARE Living Lab

By using Virtual Reality complex manufacturing procedures can be trained in a virtual space allowing staff to learn this difficult skill in a safe environments resulting in faster learning curves and a significant reduction of waste.

Vixed VR trainer for training infusion strategies
Oculus Rift with Vixed application